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Jon Tibbetts asked on November 17, 2014 16:31

I'm have a field for one of my page types called "CategoryGUID", I'm trying to retrieve this value. I can get the node, but when I try and retrieve this fields value I get null each time.

I've tried node["CategoryGUID"] and node.GetValue("CategoryGUID")

Neither will return the value. But if I click on the node and go to the form tab. I can see the field has data in the text box field.

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Brenden Kehren answered on November 17, 2014 19:44

Yes you can use that or specify a node id node[id][columnname]. I like your approach better personally.

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Jon Tibbetts answered on November 17, 2014 18:58

So I needed to use SelectSingleNode and then the fields showed up.

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