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Jon Tibbetts asked on February 3, 2015 20:35

I'd like to set the visibility of certain page types so that the "Page" tab will only show for certain users. Where can this be set.

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Jon Tibbetts answered on February 3, 2015 21:49

I was able to achive this by going into ContentEditTabsControlExtender.cs and put the following code on the OnTabCreated function

CMS.DocumentEngine.TreeNode node = DocumentContext.EditedDocument;
    if ((node.ClassName == "YOUR_CLASS_NAME") && 
        (elem == "page"))
        e.Tab = null;
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Brenden Kehren answered on February 4, 2015 01:46

Based on the number of customizations it seems you've made (based on your questions here), you are working yourself into a hole and will be making your upgrade path very, very difficult.

For this you could look at Scopes and set the Advanced>Condition to have your role(s) in it.

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