Page Selector (Document Selector) and Dependent Fields

Joshua Fitzgerald asked on October 1, 2014 18:48

When creating a page type with a Page Selector field (formerly Document Selector) and checking the "Has Depending Fields" and "Depends on Another Field" checkboxes, the form is not refreshed when a user selects a document or presses the "Clear" button. This means I cannot control the visibility or disable other fields based on the value of the document selector field. Is there any way to make this work properly?

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Filip Ligač answered on November 3, 2014 12:34

Hi Joshua,

I am afraid the "Page selector" field cannot be used as a depending field because it uses JavaScript for selecting/clearing the document, not standard AutoPostback. That is why the only way how you can enforce refresh of the fields list is to click the "Save" button.

The only controls which support your required functionality are Radio button list, TextBox, ListBox, DropDownList, CheckBox list, CheckBox and a few others which are inherited from these ones.

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