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Nicholas Gornall asked on July 7, 2016 03:49


I'm using Kentico v9.0.10 and I'm trying to get a redirect happening for a certain page. The page has a url similar to /Example/2016/MyPage. And I am hoping that I can get a redirect on everything except for a few subpages (contents and templates)

For example /Example/2016/MyPage/WillThisRedirect should redirect to /Example/2016/MyPage. This url /Example/2016/MyPage/DoesThisWork should also redirect to /Example/2016/MyPage. The url /Example/2016/MyPage/content should NOT redirect and just normally load the page/file at that address.

Can anyone help me with implementing this?

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 7, 2016 04:05

What you're looking for is called Page Aliases. The documentation should help you get setup properly.

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Nicholas Gornall answered on July 7, 2016 04:44

Thanks Breden, I didn't realize that it was that simple!

Do you know if Kentico will always match files or pages before looking matching a Page Alias?

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 7, 2016 21:30

Typically how it works is if you have a page of:


and alias setup on that page (above) of:


Kentico will by default, take you to /page-1/sub-page and display the content of /page-1/sub.

There is a setting in Settings>URLs & SEO where you can redirect aliases to their main URL, which would mean when someone goes to /page-1/sub-page, it would automatically redirect (302) to /page-1/sub.

Not sure if this answers your question or not but hope it helps.

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