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Johirul Islam asked on September 7, 2017 16:35

Hi I was develop my company website on Kentioc 9 MVC based on Dancing Goat MVC project. In MVC project I need to create cookies every single page. Everything is work so well. But one major issues was arise when I need to brows nested lower down page the page loading time increase dramatically which impact on our business(540ms to 4-6s).

  • (TTFB average 570ms)
  • (TTFB average 5.68s)

The above page use similar template and functionality. I was try to optimize into CMS as your website recommend but no luck.

In the mean time I was try different approach to remove the cookies functionality from the system then I found page load time less than TTFB 100ms-400ms whatever the level of the page.

Is any one have any idea to solve my issue. Thank you Johirul

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David te Kloese answered on October 16, 2017 15:52

If you haven't solved this, if I understand it correctly you have 5 seconds extra loading time if you add you cookies function? How do you set this cookie? Is it server code? Client side script? Any looping done in your code?

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