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Darian Bonnell asked on February 8, 2019 19:16

I am having issues with trying to get a page crawler search index to index all the pages of my site that are behind a login. This is an MVC site, but that does not appear to have any bearing on the issue as I have setup page crawler indexes on MVC sites that do not have a login page, and they work correctly. I have added a user under the crawler settings that is able to login into the site just fine, but when watching fiddler, it attempts to hit the secure pages of the site but them redirects back to the login page, and will only index that page.

Thoughts on how I can correct this? I am using Kentico 11.0.21.

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Michal Samuhel answered on February 8, 2019 21:54

Hey Darian,

I had checked implementation of SearchCrawler and it seems to be tied to forms authentication where it takes user name and password and calls FormsAuthentication.GetAuthCookie(user, true); to get cookies for authentication and stores it in a container for future requests, however mvc apps is a separate app and I am afraid that custom index could be a solution in here (Marnix from TrueLime offers a bit more on crawlers in here)

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