Overriding cache settings at request/session level

Will Wiencek asked on March 5, 2015 21:08

We're using web views to access certain pages from a mobile application. However, our cache setup is interfering with how these pages are rendered within the app. Disabling caching on these pages isn't an option and duplicating the pages for app access isn't desirable. Is there a way to override cache options within the request or session? For example, if we detect a certain query string, can we serve a non-cached copy of the page for that request without clearing the cache for other requests?

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Brenden Kehren answered on March 7, 2015 17:51

Can you explain more on how caching is interfering with how the pages are rendered? Maybe there is another solution.

One thing you may be able to do is similar to what you're suggesting and that would be to put a macro in the Partial cache minutes box within the webparts causing the problems. It could simply look for that query string value and set it to 0 (no caching) if it finds it finds it.

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