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Ariel Mitevski asked on May 30, 2016 15:29


I would like to define my process checkout as below (see mockup).

From what I saw in the demos (eCommerce and Dancing Goat), the Payment Page (where the user enters his credit card) isn't part of the checkout steps that can be customized in Kentico.

Therefore, do you guys think it's possible to add the shipping address on the Payment Page itself?

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Petar Kozjak answered on May 30, 2016 16:34 (last edited on May 30, 2016 16:35)


yes that is correct, you can add address to payment page. Not on paypal because it is redirect... :D

Payment page is usually sending data to payment gateway. Different payment gateways required different configuration. This is why on every ecommerece project we had to build payment gateway (not a hard thing).

Because that it is custom, there isn't a problem to add address info.

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