Object type not found error

Wei Wang asked on February 3, 2022 19:02


I am not sure how to resolve this object type not found problem. The message is like this: "The 'CustomModule.CustomerUDF' class belonging to the 'ecommerce.customer' object type was not found. This could be due to incomplete installation of the 'CMS.Ecommerce' module."

We've built a custome module but removed later. This custom module was tied to ecommerce.customer when I view it from System-->Object types. I don't know why all these custom module object types are still showing up here. How can I remove them? The module itself can't be found anymore. But all the object types related to the module are still there and I can't find a delete option.

This is Kentico 11 portal engine.

thanks, Wei Wang

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vasu yerramsetti answered on February 8, 2022 15:31

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