Object type not found error

Wei Wang asked on February 7, 2022 16:51


The objects listed under System-->Object types, where is this coming from? I mean, I can find some custom object types listed there, but I can't find them in the database. Which table stores this info? The issue is, the custom module has been deleted already, but still showing up under the Object types. I want to get rid of all the references to the deleted custom module.

Kentico 11 portal Engine.

Thanks, Wei Wang

Correct Answer

vasu yerramsetti answered on February 8, 2022 04:17

Please check the following location for System--> Object Types


and it is coming from CMS_Class table.

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Wei Wang answered on February 8, 2022 15:48

But the strange thing is, I can't find the object type in the CMS_Class table at all. The module is deleted. But in the System-->Object type it's still showing up

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