No license for domain 'localhost' was found

Andre Pfanz asked on August 9, 2019 20:05

We purchased a license for Kentico 12, and I've been upgrading the site locally from v11 to v12. When I try to run the site on v12 and try to delete the old license for v11 in the admin area, I get this message

 No license for domain 'localhost' was found

If I try to add the license for v12, I get this message

 The license key with code name 'xxxxxx' already exists.

I did notice this error in the event log as I was trying to delete the v11 license:

Message: Thread was being aborted.

Exception type: System.Threading.ThreadAbortException
Stack trace: 
at System.Threading.Thread.AbortInternal()
at System.Threading.Thread.Abort(Object stateInfo)
at System.Web.HttpResponse.AbortCurrentThread()
at System.Web.HttpResponse.Redirect(String url, Boolean endResponse, Boolean permanent)
at System.Web.HttpResponseWrapper.Redirect(String url, Boolean endResponse)
at CMS.LicenseProvider.LicenseHelperInternal.ReportLicenseError(String redirectUrl, String 
at CMS.LicenseProvider.LicenseHelper.ReportFailedLicenseCheck(FeatureEnum feature, String domain, 
Boolean throwError)
at CMS.LicenseProvider.LicenseService.CheckLicense(FeatureEnum feature, String domain, Boolean 
at CMS.DataEngine.AbstractInfoProvider`3.GetObjectQuery(Boolean checkLicense)
at CMS.Synchronization.ServerInfoProvider.IsEnabledServer(Int32 siteId)
at CMS.Synchronization.StagingTaskInfoProvider.LogSynchronizationInternal(GeneralizedInfo infoObj, 
TaskTypeEnum taskType, String siteName, Int32 siteId, Int32 serverId)

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Brian McKeiver answered on August 10, 2019 01:13

Try this: Delete all of your licenses out of the system. Then add back in the correct v12 one. From there check the Sites app to make sure you have the main domain as localhost or a Domain alias for the current site you are working.

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Andre Pfanz answered on August 14, 2019 19:49

I had to delete the existing license out of the license table. That resolved the issue.

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