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Martin C asked on October 21, 2022 12:17


I'm pretty new to Kentico, and I'm facing an issue which I'm not sure how to fix it. I have a new 'About us' page, which I'm trying to replace with the old one. The URL of the old is ~/nam/company/about-us, with allies /Company/About-Us, and the new page was temporary with a URL like ~/nam/test-pages/new-about-us, with Allies /Test-Pages/New-About-Us. I'm using a folder named 'Test Pages' where basically I'm creating new subpages and testing them before going live.

After I was ready to switch over the old and new about us pages, I have renamed the old about us page, such as changing the URL to ~/nam/company/about-us-old with new allies /Company/About-Us-Old, and moved the new one into the same location, and changing the URL to ~/nam/company/about-us, with allies /Company/About-Us, as the URL should look at the new page and display it. Also, I have changed my header navigation layout to point to the new page, but no matter what I do, whenever I click on the About Us menu or call the URL directly /nam/company/about-us, it takes me to the old page i.e., it redirects me to the new URL of the old page /nam/company/about-us-old. Also, if I try to put the old page as unpublish, whenever I call the URL or click on the About us menu, it takes me to the 'page not found' page, and the URL above says the one from the old page (ie /nam/company/about-us-old).

I was looking around into the Kentico settings, trying to figure out If I need to do other changes somewhere, but I couldn't find where, so I'm not sure what mistake I'm doing.

Can someone help me find my mistake?

Thank you in advance.

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Juraj Ondrus answered on October 22, 2022 08:20

What do you mean by changing URL? What field and where you changed? Also, have you tried clearing the browser cache entirely? Redirects are often cached in the browser.

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