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merav tg asked on May 29, 2016 13:41


I created a new culture on my site. And generally have to say i feel a bit lost. I have so many questions:

  1. Page type- the field values were created in one language, how do i add translations to this values that are visible to the customers in the site? because i have for example a drop down list with values, how can i make them be in different languages?

  2. Public status for products- How do I add new translation for it? where do you put the translations?

  3. Product options- Same as with Public status. in dancing goat all of them appear in english in the product pages. Also i do not see any product pages that are actually in Spanish only English.

  4. Web part content- How do i make the different version of the translation ? for articles i see the text is just empty but how does it work with Facets? Polls? Forms?

  5. Forms- Again, i feel i am missing the hole functionality of how to work with translations.

Please advise, thank you

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 29, 2016 16:14

Have you read through the documentation? The answers are there for the majority of your questions.

For #1, this is a 2 part question. first is how do you translate the content into different languages? You can do this by going to Pages app and in the bottom of the content tree, select a different language. When you navigate to a page in the content tree it will say something like this has not been created for spanish, do you want to copy the content from english or create a blank page? Once the actual page is created in the language you want, then go in and edit the content with the proper localized content.

Second part of the 1st question is how can you translate your dropdown values? Use macros in the values like so:

Image Text

For #2 & #3 see #5.

For #4 if there is hard coded text in the webpart (typically not the case with the out of the box webparts) you will need to tell the webpart to use a resource string vs. an actual text value. So this, in most cases, would require a code change. It could also just require a configuration of the default property values to use a localization macro.

For #5 when your site is set to be multi-lingual the text fields which are displayed to the end user will have a globe or a large + that in the upper right corner of the textbox. Click this and enter the label values in your different languages.

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merav tg answered on May 29, 2016 18:19


thank you for the answers even though its a Sunday.

1#I did copy pages and i added the Macro, now i see the value after the ; do i need to do something in the localization application? and if i do, what values do i take? the name of the field? the name of the option of the field? do i define it as UI cultures? or site cultures? do i make a localization entry for each line in the drop down list or for the hole field?

2#4#5# i followed the steps to make my site as multi-lingual- as instructed in this link: If i go to the store configuration> Public status i try to add or edit- there is no + sign Needless to say it does not appear in product options or forms

Last but not least why can I not use the code name of a field for the localization? If a person is working with public status and give them key code tomorrow the next person will have to go every time to the localization application and look for the meaning of the code he gave?!?!?! I must be missing something has I cannot understand how one is suppose to work like this

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