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Brad Chapman asked on August 1, 2016 09:21

When the Navigation settings for a page is set to URL Redirection, no activity is logged in either the page statistics or online marketing activity for that navigation. How can this be resolved?

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Brad Chapman answered on August 3, 2016 06:10

Thanks Rui

Kentico Support have responded that the lack of statistics is by design and suggested that either a random redirect webpart or JS block be used within the page to do the redirect after the page has loaded.

This is the solution I am using now and will ensure the required auditing data is logged for stats and user usage.

Thanks for your comment.

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Joshua Adams answered on August 1, 2016 16:04

You could add javascript to redirect the page after its loaded. Not sure how many documents you have that need to be redirected, but not sure of an easier way. Hopefully someone else has an easier way, unless you only have a couple of pages, then it shouldn't be a big deal.

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Brad Chapman answered on August 2, 2016 00:45 (last edited on August 2, 2016 02:38)

I'm already using JS redirection on a number of other pages so this was my next go-to - Thanks for the suggestion. It's about 600 documents. This is a corporate intranet setup and I'm generating the document redirection using REST out of another business system.

My main concern is the lack of the stats and activity data. Oh well, my bad for assuming it would be there.

(EDIT: It turns out the JavaScript option is not valid as it only triggers on menu click, not page load - thanks Joshua-Adams for your input)

I've logged this as a question to Kentico support. I believe it's a bug.

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Rui Wang answered on August 2, 2016 21:01

Brad, here is another suggestion which is not based on the menu click. Since you are using REST to generate the page in CMS, you can create a Page Type like "Redirect" which contains a field "URL". You can assign a dedicated template for this page type. In the template you can fetch for the URL and either use JS or embedded code to handle the redirecting.

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