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Olivier Cozette asked on February 29, 2016 16:46

Hello, I have a 10 websites licence. Each one of this websites, allow users to register, and then, to receive a welcome message (email).

All email templates, are global by default in Kentico.

Here, it is stated how to manage email templates, where site specific is needed.

But having changed the template for the ABC site, Kentico is still sending the welcome 'default' message.

Any hints ?

I have also tryed what Juraj stated here, but this is an old post, and it did not work neither.

Thanks in advance !


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Bryan Soltis answered on March 1, 2016 17:36

Hi Juan,

I tried the following process and it worked correctly:

  • Created 2 sites in an installation
  • Deleted the global "Membership - Registration" email template
  • Created a "Membership - registration" email for each site (using the site selector in the Email Templates UI)
  • Registered user on Site 1
  • Received Site 1 email template
  • Registered user on Site 2
  • Received Site 2 email template

If you go through these steps, do you get the same results? Any info you can provide will help!

  • Bryan
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