Multiple Users (Concurrent & Bulk Creation)

James Neill asked on December 17, 2014 22:35

Trying to find the answers to two questions for a customer:

  1. Is there a limit as to how many concurrent logged-in users an instance of Kentico will support?
  2. Is there a mechanism for bulk-loading (creation) of users via a spreadsheet, etc.?

Has anyone run across this, or have any potential approaches to accommodate either?

Correct Answer

Brenden Kehren answered on December 18, 2014 02:14

Depending on your license you can use the Import Toolkit to import users from different kinds of datasources (csv, Excel, XML, SQL, etc.).

If you use the free license, there is a limit of 100 enabled users total (doesn't matter if they are logged in or not). There is no limit on users (concurrent or not) if you are using any other license.

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