Multiple problem when importing site and when creating new site

victoria vilasiny asked on April 1, 2015 17:02

Hello Team, I am facing a strange issue.

I have a site and i wanted another copy of same site. And so i exported the site and when i tried to import it to create new site,It is throwing error as "Device profile objects cannot be imported due to license limitations. License for feature 'Device Profiles' not found."

Second thing what i tried was to create new site using New Site Wizard option , there too i got error some thing like this "Cannot import data from newer hotfix version '21' to current hotfix version '0'."

Please help me how can i get rid of these error and create a clone of the site. Please its very very urgent

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Brenden Kehren answered on April 1, 2015 21:39

If your site was setup correctly, the import/export functionality should work without issue. I come across this issue every now and then when I create a new site and the client hasn't made their mind up on which license to use yet.

Device Profiles is not available with the free or base version. So when you export your site, navigate to that option and don't export or import it (uncheck the boxes for any device profile info).

Regarding the version error. It appears you need to apply the hotfix on your "new" site to be able to import your exported site. In most cases you can import older versions into new versions but never can you import new versions into old versions.

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Olivier Cozette answered on April 1, 2015 17:17 (last edited on April 1, 2015 20:38)

Hello Victoria, if you just want a full copy of your site, maybe it will be easier to recreate it from a backup, copying all your files to another directory, and restoring a backup of your database to a new database. Then, starting the new site on a local IIS. Of course, if you want to access this new website using another domain (URL), you will need to buy a new licence. Otherwise, in local mode you can access your site using or localhost.

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victoria vilasiny answered on April 2, 2015 09:28

@Brenden Thankyou for guiding me in right direction. As you said after unchecking device profile related checks, I could successfully import the site. Thankyou.

@Jaun :Thanks for the reply. But we don not want to have folders like this. So i cannot go for you solution.

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