Multiple filters for the same datasource

Pedro Costa asked on March 13, 2015 19:06


I have a pages data source (of product types) that I want to filter with a ProductFilter and a CustomFilter.

Is this still the advisable method to have multiple filters?

This is my setup:

Filter WebPart

  • FilterName = productFilter
  • SourceFilterName being set on OnLoad method to productFilterSource

Product Filter WebPart

  • Using only sorting and paging size options
  • FilterName = productFilterSource


  • FilterName: productFilterSource

I'm able to sort but my custom filter doesn't do anything, if I don't set the SourceFilterName my custom filter works but the product filter does not.

Can anyone advise?

Many thanks, P.

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Joshua Adams answered on March 18, 2015 19:11

I did a similar thing but I created a custom filter control and had both on there, that way it would pass the same info no matter what to the datasource. I couldn't get two to work separately, so I combined them and set the where clause for both filter in the same one.

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Pedro Costa answered on March 18, 2015 19:13

HI Joshua,

Thanks for the input, however do to the layout requirements, there's no way I can combine both.

Just a visual guide, one filter is next to the breadcrumbs, the other on a sidebar, different zones.

Thanks tho,

Cheers, P.

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