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Aaron Fickes asked on December 7, 2022 18:57

I currently have an English and Spanish Kentico 12 Portal website. Everything works when switching languages and setting the preferred language with ?lang=es-mx with the exception of pages that have a URL Alias

  • English is site language default
  • The page has both localizations and both published.
  • The actual page as defined in the General Tab is /forms/planning-form
  • The URL alias added is /plan-ahead as Standard URL or wildcard, All Cultures, and no extensions

If I visit a totally different page say /about?lang=es-mx, it locks in the preferred default language. From here I can navigate to the original /forms/planning-form and it will be in Spanish as expected. However, if I navigate to /plan-ahead, the alias, it changes from Spanish to English as the preferred default language as every link after that is in English.

I cannot find a way to use the translated page with the alias. Am I missing something obvious?

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Juraj Ondrus answered on December 8, 2022 05:43

Does the page /plan-ahead exists in Spanish culture? Or, is it possible that the " /plan-ahead" value us set as Path or pattern for given page in English culture? If yes, then this overrides everything and given culture is served.

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Aaron Fickes answered on December 8, 2022 16:18

Thanks for the response Juraj, that gave me a clue I needed.

After more digging, I had to go to the database and look in [CMS.DocumentAlias] to see what is going on. It seems there was a rogue entry for an entirely different page with that same alias /plan-ahead. I removed that other page, added a single alias for /plan-ahead with (all) cultures and now it works as intended.

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