More then one product (ecommerce) folder in Kentico 7

Dan Whiteside asked on December 14, 2014 22:32

Our Products UI config is set to having a start path of "/Products", is it possible to extend this to multiple directories?

The issues lies when creating a folder and storing products in them (a folder that is not created within "Products") you can not search for them via the eCommerce dashboard. You can edit the product by going into them manually but when you try and set a stock status and make them sale-able, they always show out of stock.

So the complete question is can Kentico 7 have more then one products directory and can it be solved by changing config as apposed to development?

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Martin Hejtmanek answered on December 19, 2014 19:45


You can set the products starting path to / (root of the web site), and configure only some specific document types that represent your product sections. You can configure which document types behave as product sections (are visible in the product UI) on the E-commerce tab of the document type. Deselect this in the Page (Menu item) document type if they would show up there and you don't want it.

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Josef Dvorak answered on December 23, 2014 09:23

Hi Dan,

The Stock issue is not related to how the Products folder is set. It is caused by a bug in Kentico 7 that causes stock to not update if the product document is under Workflow or Versioning. Upgrading your project to a newer version should resolve that.

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