More than one Banner Rotator Web part on a page

David Pearson asked on June 9, 2015 19:16

Looking at using more than one banner rotator on one page. Is there a way to select just one banner at a time to avoid duplicate banners on a page?

I am using the rotator for generic content, banners linking to other pages within the site. I could use just a plain html editor but would like to be able to use the same content on other pages.

Thanks David

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David Komárek answered on June 10, 2015 08:51

Hi David,

by default, the Banner rotator web part loads a random valid banner from the specified category. If you are using banners for the above metnioned specific purpose and you would like to set a specific banner to be displayed instead of a random one, you would need to enhance the Banner rotator web part and a property, which would allow you to specify the desired banner ID.

Also, you would need to enhance the \CMS\CMSWebParts\BannerManagement\BannerRotator.ascx.cs file to reflect this property and load the banner (if set) withing the PageLoad method.


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