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Peter Otmar asked on April 27, 2018 08:38


we want to enable users to comment on our articles. We also want them to be able to comment on other comments. As message board is only a flat structure, we added an ad-hoc forum to our articles. When a user creates a new thread, new forum is created under the ad-hoc forum group. Then we can moderate the actual forum. My question is if there is a way to moderate the whole ad-hoc group.


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Brenden Kehren answered on April 27, 2018 17:43

I'd suggest not using OOTB Kentico moderation for any kind of comments to any articles, forums, etc. I'd suggest implementing Disgus to moderate and handle your comments. It's a pretty easy implementation actually.

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Peter Otmar answered on April 28, 2018 02:57

Thanks Brenden

reason we wanted to use Kentico features is the administration site - assign different moderators to different parts of the web. Also as I understand Kentico stores info about comments against contacts for marketing purposes. We don't want to use the functionality Kentico provides by using a 3rd party product. I'll have a look into the integration with Disgus, but it would be great if you had and tips you could share.

Regards Peter

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