Missing web parts after changing master page template

javier saenz asked on October 7, 2016 20:21

I created a new master page template keeping the desing/code of the old one, and now I can't find the web parts on my site, they seem like if they were deleted but I just change the template with the exact same code-zone etc
Any help would be apreciated, thanks

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Zach Perry answered on October 7, 2016 21:32

The web parts are saved to the template, not the layout. So even if you kept the same zones, you have a new template, with no web parts saved to it.

You would have to copy the webparts from the other template and then move them to the new one.

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 7, 2016 21:31

Do you have a page placeholder webpart on the master page? If you scroll to the bottom of the master page template, do you see a bunch of grayed out zones stating they are not part of the template?

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