Missing Resource Strings Post-Upgrade

Max De Los Reyes asked on January 3, 2023 21:35

Recently upgraded from K10 to K12 and still working out the kinks. Seen a good number of resource strings that don't render the proper text. For example, in System>Macros, one of the tabs is listed as macroengine.macroidentities, and the button within that page for creating a new identity reads macroengine.macroidentity.new.

I've replaced the original CMS.resx file with the upgrade-provided .new file and cleared the cache using the System application, but the problem persists.

Manually inputting the strings from CMS.resx into Localization fixes the issue, but I'd like to avoid having to put them in one by one, and, regardless, I have no way of knowing of which ones are missing across the admin interface. Any help would be appreciated!

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 3, 2023 21:59

I'd suggest resigning your macros in the System app.

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Tomáš Loun answered on January 5, 2023 13:48

You can use Zeta Resource Editor or ResX resource manager to compare and merge resx files. It does not matter if you include an old resource string that is not used anymore in the version 12.

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