Migrating Page Content from Version 9 to Xperience (13) Refresh 1

Gabriel Fuller asked on May 4, 2021 23:15

I am working to bring a project from version 9 to version 13 Refresh 1. In this process, I know we cannot just straight update the application like we have in the past. Through this article (migrate content from version 8.2 to 13) I see that we need to use Kentico Import Toolkit (KIM) to bring the pages of the application over. That makes complete sense to me.

I know that I can use various import profiles within KIM and run them in the command line using something like a batch file, import all of the pages into the site. The thing I do not understand is how to do this while also maintaining the current hierarchy. From what I understand, when using the KIM the import will flatten all of the pages for a particular type to one level in a specific place within the content tree, so all pages of one single type, no matter what node level and where they exist, will have the exact same parent node, breaking the hierarchy of the site.

How can I use this method while also preserving or updating the nodes in the site to keep the hierarchy that existed in the previous version of the site?

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David te Kloese answered on May 25, 2021 13:52

I don't believe the import toolkit can handle this... however what you could do is import the old values as dummy fields (that you hide or cleanup later) and write a custom task that will restore the structure.

You could use NodeAliasPath if the naming doesn't cause to much conflicts, or even better use NodeID and ParentNodeID.

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