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Zanub Husain asked on May 14, 2019 17:03

Hi, Can someone help guide me as to where I should input an html tag, specifically the meta name, for the homepage of my site? I know it is supposed to go in the header, but it doesn't seem to register. I figure I may be putting it in the wrong area as I am just starting to learn Kentico and am otherwise unfamiliar with it(I'm using Kentico 10). Any guidance/assistance will be appreciated!

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Brenden Kehren answered on May 14, 2019 17:34

You can adjust the name tag for the whole site by going to Settings > Content > Metadata > Page title format. It should be in this format:

{%prefix%} - {%pagetitle_orelse_name%}

Then the line below it "Page title prefix" could have the name if your site. What you'd see when you navigate to the Home page then would be "Name of site - Home" Or if you went to the Contact Us page would be "Name of site - Contact Us".

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