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Stefanie Deuse asked on October 1, 2014 10:00

Is it possible to change the format of the messages, that are created e.g. through friend request as html and not just plain text. In particular I'm interested to change the link text as actual links. Thanks.

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 1, 2014 14:19

You would have to physically modify the ascx control on the page to do that. The control can be found here: /CMSModules/Friends/Controls/Friends_Request.ascx Be careful though as if you modify this it will be overwritten when you perform an upgrade/hotfix. I'd suggest starting at the base Friend list page and find out what pages would need to be created (custom) so you could still upgrade your solution.

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Stefanie Deuse answered on October 2, 2014 01:28

Thanks for your answer. I already customized this page. I always create a cloned version and customize it in my own folder. Therefore I don't have issues with upgrades.

The question in particular is, if it is actually possible to use html in messages? I already changed the code, that it uses the html version of the friends request template, but it always renderes as plain text in messages. I can't find where I can set it to html encoded.

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