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Ben Bricker asked on July 7, 2016 23:03

We have a product on a client's website that is a membership subscription. The client would like the user to not need to be registered at the time of checkout. Currently, for any other product type, the user is registered at checkout when the purchase an item. They are also able to register manually.

Whenever we try to buy a membership product with an unregistered account, we're given an error stating they must be registered first. Is there any way around this? To allow the membership product to go through the checkout and register and assign the membership to the newly registered account?

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 7, 2016 23:19

From a technical standpoint, it doesn't make sense. Why wouldn't you want to tie the membership to something else i.e.: user, login, contact?

The way Kentico manages subscriptions is they are tied directly to a user/login account. So you'd need to override the checkout process to it doesn't require this. And then tell the client they can manage the subscriptions manually in Kentico OR create some front end ability to allow the user to manage it.

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Ben Bricker answered on July 7, 2016 23:39

I think they just don't want the user to have to go register, and then go to the checkout. They want them to get an account automatically created for them as they purchase the membership product.

In my mind, I agree though. It needs to be tied to their account during checkout and if they don't have an account that just won't work. I just wanted to make sure there wasn't a workaround for that.


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Brenden Kehren answered on July 8, 2016 01:10

I'm not saying there isn't a workaround Ben, because there is. You'd have to create a custom check out process for those membership items and then allow the user to manage the user and membership after the fact.

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