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Crystal Carter asked on January 22, 2020 20:10

I have two images in a media library folder that feed to the homepage slider. I want to change the order the images are displayed. How do I do that?

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 22, 2020 20:30

You can't really control that within the media library. Best option is to create a slider page type (content only) with the necessary fields (name, image url, text, etc.). Then under the home page, place a folder called sliders. Below the /Home/Sliders folder, add new slider pages. Select the image URL from the media library using a URL Selector. In your repeting control (repeater or even MVC) you can order by NodeLevel, NodeOrder, NodeName which follows how things are ordered in the content tree.

This is the easiest solution and gives you more control

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