Media Library gives null reference exception

Ruud van der Linden asked on May 4, 2022 10:39

My development kentico 12 enviroment is acting funny. every time i open the media selector, and click on the media libraries tab, i get a null reference exception. (media library ID is 0).

Only on an item, where an image has previously already been selected, will the media libraries tab open correctly. unless i click on that tab again, it again will give the same null reference exception.

I cant find anything on this issue. Its also only happening on my development enviroment, and nobody else has this issue, nor an idea how to fix it. so im a bit stuck, and would like to understand why this is happening

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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 9, 2022 05:53

What were the most recent changes? Have you tried re-signing macros yet? Is the media library assigned to the right site?

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