Media Library Files for E-Product Attachment

Ben Bricker asked on February 29, 2016 23:36

I know that you can upload file attachments to an e-product from your computer, but is there any way that you can have the product use files that are already in the media library?


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Trevor Fayas answered on March 1, 2016 00:15

I believe the main issue is i think (in order to support the ecommerce functions of an e-product), the file must exist in the database (not on the hard drive). otherwise people could link directly to that file and share the link, vs. the system verifying they can have access to the file and serving it up to them.

I wouldn't worry about having them in 2 spots (one in database, one in file system).

If you are still set on having them pull from the media library, there are ways through the API to create attachments, and you could use the source from the media library, but it's too complex and i would need more context before even attempting it.

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Ben Bricker answered on March 1, 2016 13:34

Thanks Trevor. That clears things up. Looks like I'll go with adding the files to the products individually.

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