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Leo Leme asked on May 20, 2021 19:53

Hello, I'd like to understand the links to media libraries.

When I click the "eye" icon I can see the image correctly in another tab. Also, the image shows in the page when the file is selected in the list.

My question is, why when I click the "Permanent Link" or the "Direct Path" I get an error. I see that the path misses one part. The Xperience adm site is for example, but the "Permanent Link" doesn't add the "adm" to the link.

Thank you

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Juraj Ondrus answered on May 21, 2021 06:58

What are the Presentation URL and Administration domain name settings set for the site? Also, what hotfix are you using on your Kentico 13 instance?

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Leo Leme answered on May 27, 2021 18:52

Hello, Juraj!

This is the Administration domain: this is the Presentation URL:

About hotfixes, are you talking about the kentico 13 version I'm running ? If that's the case, the version is v13.0.18

Thanks !

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Juraj Ondrus answered on June 1, 2021 06:22

Thank you for the clarification.
Well, the links in the Media library app, when selecting and previewing the image, should be pointing to the live URL - this means the Presentation URL is used. And you are using the same main domain. Which is OK and I have it configured in the same way. So, the issue will be probably in the IIS setup or, the media files were not synchronized over to the front end app. I would recommend checking the setup and troubleshooting web farms. If you are using shared storage, then also the storage configuration. In this case you can also turn off the media files sync in setting since it makes no sense to sync them in case of shared storage.

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