Marketing Automation Process Delay

Mike Rocha asked on August 25, 2014 17:02

Hello all,

I recently upgraded to Kentico EMS 8 and I'm noticing that there seems to be a longer delay between the time a marketing automation trigger is hit and when the process actually gets run. On average, there seems to be about a minute delay between trigger hit and process kickoff. Is this configurable in any way? I would like the process to begin as soon as possible after the trigger is hit.

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Jiri Silhan answered on August 26, 2014 10:11

Hello Mike, process starts immediately when trigger is fired. The problem here might be how activities are logged. In Kentico 8 activities are logged into file at first and then they're transformed into database every minute. This could cause the delay. I suggest you to upgrade to Kentico 8.1 where processing of activities has changed. Now activities are logged to memory and then transformed to the DB every 10 seconds. You can read more about activity tracking in our documentation. There's also information on how to change the interval of activity logging.

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