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Tom Troughton asked on July 15, 2015 17:21

In a relatively fresh install of Kentico I've added a custom automation action to the code base. I've now gone into the admin UI to register this custom action and have found that the Marketing automation module is missing the Actions tab. I'm logged in as Global administrator and the license is Unlimited.

I have another install of Kentico on a different PC using the same license and that one has the Actions tab under Marketing automation. The only difference appears to be that the latter instance is using Kentico example sites, whereas the former has a new website I'm developing.

What could be causing this? I'm up against a tight deadline and need to add my custom action. Help very much appreciated.


I can see Actions in the UI personalization module, but even if I check it and its children for Global administrator I still don't see the tab. I can't understand this.

Update 2

Kentico version is 8.2.28 and the instance where the problem is occurring is an Azure version of Kentico.

Correct Answer

Tom Troughton answered on July 16, 2015 13:02

I received a solution from Kentico support in the end:

I would specifically look for MACRORESOLVER errors.

This problem with missing tab could be caused by macros that have become signed with incorrect hash. In this situation I would recommend to Re-sign macro signatures by navigating to System > Macros > Signatures, checking both check boxes and Update macro signatures.


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