Making The ScrollingText webpart responsive (bootstrap)

Tommy Bowers asked on October 22, 2014 12:24

Hello, im currently porting my website into a bootstrap responsive layout, i have a scrolling text web part installed on my homepage, but im struggling to make it responsive, i know bootstrap comes with various css classes built into it that handles such things (img-responsive, carousel, carousel-inner, flex-video, etc), but the markup of the kentico scroller seems to have a lot of heights and widths hard coded into it, so my questions is this, is there any kind of "out of the box" responsive slider bundled into kentico? if not, can you please advise me on whet i need to do to get the current one responsive, as its way more complicated that ones ive built in non kentico platforms

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Brenden Kehren answered on October 22, 2014 14:18

Best thing to do IMHO is to get rid of the scrolling text webpart and use a repeater webpart with a JavaScript and HTML Head webpart for your CSS (if needed). You can define HTML before and after the repeater as well as any kind of HTML within your transformation.

I use this method all the time for different sliders/carousels on websites and it works 100% of the time with any js plug-in because you have total control over the markup. Whereas with the out-of-the-box webpart, it already has it's specific plug-in and requirements which you could configure but much easier to use a repeater.

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