MacroResolver error on News List

David Pearson asked on April 27, 2016 15:56

Using Kentico 8 with lastest hotfix.

I am getting the following error for the news list webpart. Error while evaluating expression: |(replace)-(with) Invalid parameter

My where condition: DocumentTags LIKE '%{?TagName|(replace)-(with) ?}%' and NewsReleaseDate < GetDate()

If I remove DocumentTags LIKE '%{?TagName|(replace)-(with) ?}%' and the issue goes away but I have no tag name filtering.

Do I need a if statement on TagName to see if is null or something?

Thanks David

Correct Answer

David Pearson answered on April 27, 2016 16:34

I got rid of the (replace)-(with), this fix the issue and I am still able to filter down to news items. So this setting works: DocumentTags LIKE '%{%TagName%}%' and NewsReleaseDate < GetDate()

Not sure why I have the replace with in the where clause.

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