Macro to get Site Logon Page URL

Jay McCormack asked on April 7, 2016 06:49

I'm looking for a macro expression to get me the configured URL in the following settings:

Settings > Security & Membership > Website Logon Page URL

Any ideas? Ideally I'd love to have a reference I can search through to find objects in K# that are likely to exist but I just don't know the context under which to find them.



Correct Answer

Felix Planjer answered on April 7, 2016 09:35

You can use the Macro {% Settings.<settings key code name> |(user)zbynekh|(hash)9a38f196db4315498b9bfab318f4921ac6e120086011085a4500f2fe0dc5fec7%} to retrieve values from settings.

So in your case it will be {% Settings.CMSSecuredAreasLogonPage |(user)zbynekh|(hash)fed944c15a089176c844ac6467c2d4fd5a10fea5f37cf36e8c6234f1bfc9aa8e%}

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