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Matthew Osgatharp asked on June 4, 2015 21:42

Since 5/18, we have been getting frequent periods of time when the Macro Security check fails (see error below with redacted userid and hash). The last template update to the site was on 4/23. The templates ared used throughout the site. I login with the same userid that is mentioned and it works fine. I resign the macros with the ID. Most of the time this resolves the issue. However, occasionally, I have had to resign the macros multiple times. I tried using the "@" at the end of the macro to not include the signature, but the macro then does not return a value. I understand that the salt value being different between stage and production can cause this. But if the templates are not being updated, why would it suddenly go from working to not?

Has anyone ran into this before?

Security check of the expression ' if(CurrentDocument.DocumentsOnPath.Count>2, CurrentDocument.DocumentsOnPath[CurrentDocument.DocumentsOnPath.Count-2].NodeAliasPath, CurrentDocument.DocumentsOnPath[1].NodeAliasPath, ) |(user){*****}|(hash){***********}' didn't pass. The expression was signed by user '*****'. Remove the signature and re-save the expression by a user with proper permissions.

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Brenden Kehren answered on June 5, 2015 13:59

Have you changed your connection string or your custom salt hash on your production box? If so this could cause the issue. I'd suggest resigning the macros. It's pretty painless really and should resolve the issue you're having. If you have the option to put in a custom salt hash then do that so you won't have to worry about it being "dynamic" in nature.

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Matthew Osgatharp answered on June 5, 2015 19:09 (last edited on June 5, 2015 19:10)

Thanks for the suggestion Brenden. Neither have been changed. I have resigned the macros, but then a few days later they are invalid again.

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Johnny Nguyen answered on May 8, 2018 13:57

Hi @Brenden Kehren,

I know this question has posted a long time ago, but I faced with this kind of issue this morning. It occured in Production site, I did nothing but my client inform that their are some problems with the production site, then I had to re-sign all macros to solved the problem.

I wonder that why my macros became un-signed while I didn't sync data, change database. I didn't set "CMSHashStringSalt" in web.config file.

Thank you so much.

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