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Mateusz Żebrowski asked on July 7, 2015 13:35

I've got following problem. In some documents I created headers using repeater. Transformation displaying document name for each item taken by this repeater, so if I set path to current document I get name of this document. It is as simple as write dot in path text box. Problem appears when I try to display those documents in another repeater (inside transformation I have page placeholder control). In this case I didn't get name of each document but I get name of document on which i put second repeater.

So I thought I can use macro expression to retrieve documents names using CurrentDocumnet.DocumentNode.NodeAliasPath but it works in the same way as previous solution. Is there any macro expression which can solve this problem?

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Virgil Carroll answered on July 7, 2015 15:35


If I am understanding you correctly, you are trying to use a CurrentDocument macro to get the Document URL inside a repeater? If so, the CurrentDocument macro will always get the document you are on. Instead try using the <%# GetDocumentUrl() %> in your ASPX transofrmation, which will pull the URL of the document being pulled by the repeater.

Tx, Virgil

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Roman Hutnyk answered on July 7, 2015 18:15


Why don't you simply use <%# Eval("DocumentName") %> in the listing transformation? It should actually work for both cases you've described.

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Virgil Carroll answered on July 8, 2015 00:13

Ha Roman you are correct, I was just looking at the 2nd effort to get the document path and re-reading it looks like he is just trying to get the name

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Mateusz Żebrowski answered on July 8, 2015 07:23

I'm not writing transformation. I try to set value of path in repeater. I mean when you switch to design tab in cms desk and configure repeater you can take documents from datasource or by entering path. I try to get path of current document and i don't want to set it directly because template on which I have repeater are clone as ad-hoc when new document is created. It will be faster if I don't have to configure path each time.

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