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Chetan Sharma asked on March 5, 2014 11:27


I want to return results from lucene as json via a web service. How can I approach this?

I have created a dummy WS that returns me static json.

I have understanding of lucene. However I don't have any experience a full blown web service in .net

Thanks Chetan

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Roman Koníček answered on March 25, 2014 03:30


From your description I believe you will have to use Search method, you can find an example of use of this method in ~/CMSModules/SmartSearch/Controls/SearchResults.ascx.cs. You will have to manually fill the search parameters, then you can find the search results stored in dataset, there is for example a column called ID. Using this column you should be able to retreive the data from the database and then work with them in any way you want.

Best Regards, Roman Konicek

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