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K M asked on August 4, 2017 04:11

We are facing a weird issue on IE. The issue what we and our customer facing is, on IE11 out site login page is not working. It’s perfectly working on other browsers. Not working on IE. When we enter the username and password, after the validation it kicks back to the login page. Based on our internal analysis, we suspect that it’s not maintaining the session cookies. We don’t have any other clue that how to find the cause of this problem. When make our site as trusted site on IE browser, we are able to login. But due to the policy and procedure, our customers not permitting to add the site as trusted site to bypass this issue. But adding the site as trusted site is an temporary solution and we are out of scope to use that. So we will need to find original reason why the session loses the cookies on IE. Also, another situation we face this issue if multiple tabs opened and if we try to login to the site, this is issue happening.

Need your brilliance on this issue.please do the needful. Also, would like to mention that this issue we didn’t face on previous version of kentico we used(7.0). Another note that if you use the below credentials to login for the testing on outside the office network(I mean using personal laptop with wifi) it might work. But we tested on our office n/w and clients office n/w it’s not working because office n/w are more secured environment.

Below are additional details,

Current version of Kentico – 10.0 Application Developed– Asp.net 4.5 State Model: Webfarm Server: Windows 2008 R2 IIS7.5

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 4, 2017 04:46

Seems to me there is some policy maybe your network admin has setup for IE specifically. OR an issue with possibly your load balancer persisting sticky seasion. Its a common issue if your load balancer isn't properly configured that it could show the login screen from one server and the post it back to another server and not know because seasion or the state of the user was not persisted across the post back.

Even though it's not happening in all browsers I'd get a traceroute setup for 30-60 minutes in your environment and test it out in all browsers to nail down the issue further.

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K M answered on August 4, 2017 04:53

Hi Brenden,

Appreciated your swift response and I will pass on your suspect info to my infrastructure team. mean while do you suggest any temporary solution other than adding it as trusted site.can it be fixed by injecting any js code on the login page?

thank you.

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Brenden Kehren answered on August 4, 2017 16:05

Any temporary solution you put in place will almost never work consistently so I'd recommend against even wasting time and attempting a temporary solution with JS code or anything else. The fix for the end client until the testing with the load balancer and such can be vetted out is to add the site as a trusted site.

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