Load Balancer setup keeps adding web farm monitoring information event logs a lot

Namita Patil asked on January 12, 2021 19:45

We are in process of launching a new website in Kentico 12, and we have added Load Balancer setup on our Preprod environment for our live site (Admin website is hosted on server 1 and Live site is hosted on Server 1 and 2). We have also enabled CMSUseAutomaticScheduler configuration for Live site in app settings, so that live site will not be idle/sleep. Everything works fine, but somehow it keeps adding lots of web farm monitoring information event logs, about whether it is Healthy or Not Responding. It logs almost 5-10 event logs for every minute. I tried to disabled all the logs in Settings -> System -> Debug, but it still keeps adding these logs. Is it expected behavior to have this many logs for above Load balancer setup, as our QA environment don't have this issue as it don't have load balancer on it? If no, then can you please help me to resolve this issue? If yes, then can someone help me to disable these event logs only for web farm monitoring event logs?


Namita Patil

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Juraj Ondrus answered on January 13, 2021 07:50

Are you using MVC? I mean the live site apps are MVC? If yes, then the CMSUseAutomaticScheduler has no impact here since the scheduler is executed on the Kentico admin app, not on the MVC apps. It should be enough just to have the automatic web farm configured (this is useful for auto-scaling). But, you can try also the manual web farm mode to see if it makes any difference. If not, then the issue is probably in the load balancer and/or the network between the Kentico app and the MVC apps.
By default there is a ping made every 20 seconds to the web farm servers. If there is no response on the ping, server goes to Transitioning state for 3 minutes. Within these 3 minutes, if the ping is still failing, server goes to Not responding state or if the ping starts answering, servers goes to Healthy state. So, maybe there is some connection issue too.
Sometimes it helps also to delete all web farm servers from the admin app (Web farms) and when using automatic mode, let the system to generate new instances.  

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David te Kloese answered on January 12, 2021 21:19

Since 1 admin and live site are hosted on the same server 'server 1' it could be that the Web Farm mecanism has trouble distinguishing between the two. By default it takes the server name I believe.

You could explicitly name 1 or more of them by adding the CMSWebFarmServerName to the appSettings section in your web.config


For example something like:

<add key="CMSWebFarmServerName" value="MyProject-ADMIN" /> in the Admin


<add key="CMSWebFarmServerName" value="MyProject-Site-1" /> in one of your content sites

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Namita Patil answered on January 13, 2021 03:23

Hi David, Thanks for your response! I tried to add the server names as well for both Admin and Live site (with 01 and 02 at the end). But still it keeps monitoring the web farm health frequently only for server 1 where both applications are hosted. Also, just to let you know - I have also added CMSWebFarmMode property as automatic. With or without this CMSWebFarmMode configuration setting as well, it is behaving in same way. I hope CMSWebFarmMode needs to be there as automatic. If so, do you think I might be missing anything other than this?


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Namita Patil answered on January 19, 2021 20:58

Hi Juraj,

This issue got resolved - Here I tried to delete all web farm servers from the admin app (Web farms) with Automatic mode, as suggested by you. Also, we found out there was issue with SSL - so looks like it was connection issue ideally. Thanks for your suggestion!


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