Live Tiles based on widgets on a customizable dashboard

Jennifer Brown asked on December 4, 2015 20:59

Hello, brand new to Kentico here. We are designing our intranet site and would like to display a customizable dashboard as the home page with live tiles based on widgets. The user would be able to add and delete most of these except for a few that will need to be there permanently, such as a company news feed. We have been struggling with the best way to do this using the live tiles. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?

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Brenden Kehren answered on December 5, 2015 05:21

There's a lot more involvement with this than a simple out of the box solution. You'll need to create some web parts and then derive widgets from them so end users can modify their own dashboard. Depending on what you're looking for your tiles to display/do, your web parts could be simple or very complex.

One question as I'm responding, will they be logging into the Kentico Admin interface or just logging into the Intranet?

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Kim Driggers answered on December 7, 2015 15:51

Hi Brenden,

I am on the team with Jennifer Brown. Users would only be logging into our Intranet and not using Kentico Admin interface. Each user would have there own dashboard that they could customize. If they got a little too crazy with the dashboard they could always reset it to the original layout.

We have created a dashboard template using the portal page template type. In that page template we created a top zone that is static, a dashboard top, left, right and bottom that the user could control. That's as far as we have gotten.

It the "tile" look that we are missing and not sure if we are even on the right track. Thanks for your help.

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