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Eric Rovtar asked on March 13, 2016 13:30

Hey, everyone!

Hopefully this is a quick question, but with v9 and an MVC application, what's the best way to link to another page within Kentico?

What I mean is this, I have a page type in Kentico that my MVC application then gets content from to create a page. In the content field, if I want to link to another page/route, are there any tricks to this? Or is it best to just hard-code the link ()?

I'm asking because I'm trying to think through the best way to handle updating links, should a route be changed.

In the Web Forms application, Kentico takes care of this automatically, but the MVC application wouldn't.

Does this make sense? What's the best approach?



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David te Kloese answered on March 15, 2016 12:33


As you can see in the Documentation Default Kentioc's Related Pages is supported in the new MVC moddel.

More info on using them:



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