Linking directly to a page within the Page Admin for editing

Aaron VanMeter asked on January 30, 2017 21:09

Currently upgrading from v7 to v10. On our old v7 site, we had added a small section of code to the .master page of our Intranet site which, if the current user was an editor and had the proper access, would link them directly to that page within the CMSDesk for editing. The old link was:/CMSDesk/Default.aspx?nodeID=<nodeID>

Based on the link to the admin site from the on-site editor, it looks like you can now link via: /Admin/CMSAdministration.aspx?nodeid=<nodeid>#<guid>

I am guessing that the Guid is the Page module's. Do you know if this is static or is generated per install? And, if it's generated on install, how to find it via the API?

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Brenden Kehren answered on January 30, 2017 21:21

I believe the out of the box GUID's are the same across each install for at least the same version. It's when you start adding new modules and applications that this will change but the OOTB ones should remain the same.

You can query the CMS_UIElement table to get the ElementGUID in question.

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Aaron VanMeter answered on January 30, 2017 21:45

Thanks Brenden, I was able to use the UIElementInfoProvider to get the GUID. Whether or not this is better than hard coding it, I'm not sure. I will probably leave it hard coded for now, but here's the code if anyone else is interested:

CMS.Modules.UIElementInfoProvider.GetUIElementInfo("CMS.Content", "content").ElementGUID
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