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Danny Winbourne asked on March 4, 2024 12:22

I would like to define content on a central site (which has no front-end and is solely for content), and allow editors to select and use this content on other sites running on the same instance.

When I click the "Link an existing page" dialog and the "Link Page" sections open, there is a "Site" dropdown. However, this dropdown only contains the current site that I am on.

How can I make this dropdown show other sites, please?

Upon examining the CMS code, I noticed that it sets a "Where Clause", which filters to the current site name only.

It seems that the dropdown is only populated with other sites if the dialog is in "Copy" or "Move" mode.

Is it possible to achieve what I am attempting? I could modify the code in the CMS Project to enable this functionality, but this approach is not ideal, as any future hotfixes could override this change.

Alternatively, I would like to be able to switch sites in either the Page or Path selector dialog in the Page Builder.

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Lukáš Gancarčík answered on March 8, 2024 14:31 (last edited on March 8, 2024 14:43)

Hi Danny,

Unfortunately it is not possible to achieve that.

This is possible with XbK via Content Hub and various website channels.

In Kentico 12 were linked pages available only with Portal engine. In Xperience 13 (where Portal engine is not available) it is limited to only within the site, because with MVC/.Core you have separate application and project for each site. Therefore it would be necessary to have view and controller on all other sites for handling page type of the page you want to link.

This functionality was not implemented for Xperience 13. I am really sorry for that.

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Danny Winbourne answered on March 8, 2024 14:42

No worries Lukáš. I have been able to modify some CMS files to achieve what I need here now

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