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James Jarrett asked on April 17, 2014 12:51

As soon as we upgrade to Kentico 8 one of the first things I want to do is reimagine our CSS using LESS.

Right now I use a couple dozen different CSS "files" to keep things manageable. I put together the 3 css files actually served using Kentico macros to merge in just the parts needed for that css file.

LESS development tends to be very modular. My question is will I be able to use a similar approach using LESS inside of Kentico? I prefer keeping everything in the CMS versus just copying a finished file onto the web server.

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Filip Ligač answered on April 20, 2014 13:46 (last edited on April 20, 2014 13:47)

Hello James,

In fact there are certain limitations when using LESS stylesheets - e.g. system cannot create LESS stylesheets as physical files (for source control), they do no support versioning, etc., so development is not as convenient as with standard CSS stylesheets.

More information about how you can work with LESS in Kentico can be found in documentation - Module: LESS Stylesheets 1.0.

Anyway, if you wanted to use LESS preprocessor, it is available for a Kentico version 7 as well. You can download it on Marketplace - LESS Stylesheets.

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