Layout changes not coming through

John Fu asked on September 25, 2015 04:16

We have 2 areas set up. DEV and UAT. DEV is my local machine, UAT is on our staging server.

Both areas have the same connection string, i.e. they are both connected to the same database.

I'm having the issue where after making a layout change on UAT, checked in, those changes don't appear on DEV.

I've tried resigning the macros, restarted the applications, cleared cache, restarted the app pool in IIS, but they still don't come through. Anyone know how to get it to work?

Thanks, John.

Correct Answer

John Fu answered on September 25, 2015 06:21

Found a solution. I had to update the folder CMSVirtualFiles on DEV to mirror those on UAT.

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