Ketico Form submission throws "Invalid View State" error

paul krysiak asked on February 3, 2017 22:58

Hello Everyone

There is a bizform that is sporadically throwing an "Invalid View State" error on submission.

Has anyone of you had this issue?

I found this stack overflow post and it sounds like an iis / web config issue.



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Brenden Kehren answered on February 3, 2017 23:05

Could be a multitude of different things. Do you have viewstate disabled for any of the parent containers (webpart zones, page template, etc.)? How about the webpart itself, do you have viewstate disabled? Do you have invalid HTML on the page like a <form> tag nested inside the page somewhere? Also, are they navigating back to the page using the back button after the form has been submitted? This may be another issue, you might try wrapping a update panel around the form.

Typically those are the issues I see with this type of issue.

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paul krysiak answered on February 4, 2017 00:00


Thanks for the speedy reply!
I checked all the controls, template and master page and containers. I found two controls that had viewstate off.
The one for the menu and breadcrumbs. I'd understand if this happened all the time but it's only sometimes. It makes me wonder.
I'll turn those on and let y'all know what happens.
thanks again

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Jim Spillane answered on February 4, 2017 00:26

I find that sporadic view state errors are sometimes generated from unwanted visitors. Try checking if the IP of the request is from a spambot or the referer is from a cached page on a scraper site.

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paul krysiak answered on February 8, 2017 23:58

Thanks again. I set everything to true. I also found that the form had about 40 fields. So i upped the session state in the web config too.
So far so good!

that would not surprise me but the errors were on verified ip addresses.

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