Kentico8 Custom Module doesn't Insert record properly using info and infoprovider class with adobe

jack Ryder asked on July 30, 2014 15:25

Error::::: Add and Update Operation is not proper in Custom Module for ref. see the below Comment:

Hello All,

I am getting some strange error in Custom Module Implementation.

I have Create one Custom Module Named "Test" sucess fully

Define class of Test Module TestUser.

Define UI interface like AddtestUser and EditTest User.

Now I am able to add testuser and edittest user successfully.

Now I am going to fetch adobe user and add into table success fully.

Now I am going to fetch Courses of adobe and getting error.. my error is i am getting 100 record from adobe connect and i am using foreach and that loop run 100 times and when i am seeing in db table i am getting only 1 record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Yes only one record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Strange but i think kentico Merge function which is used by kentico developer in api is not proper or i am doing some mistake ...btw .. i am adding 100 course and in db only one course is there.....

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Brenden Kehren answered on July 30, 2014 16:44 (last edited on July 30, 2014 16:44)

Do you have any code to share? If the API is inserting at least one record then the module code is working. Sounds like its an error with either the loop or gathering the data.

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